Understanding Micropigmentation Healing Process

The process of undergoing any Micropigmentation or Cosmetic tattooing procedure creates a wound to our skin when our body receives a foreign body, which in this case is the pigment. The first reaction of the skin is to expel and push out the pigment. The retention and durability of the pigment in the skin is one of the most commented and discussed subject in any procedure of Micropigmentation in Toronto, perhaps around the world.

This information is to give you a basic overview of what happens to your skin, immediately after any Cosmetic Tattooing Micropigmentation procedure and during the healing process. Tap to watch “Areola Tattooing for women”

What happens after the Micropigmentation Process?
Right after the MICROPIGMENTATION session. The area we treated might show a bit of redness. When we come into contact with the pigment, our body begins the cleaning process, that is, the expulsion from the foreign body.

The depth of the needle has a significant effect on the surface of the skin and the equipment used as well. If the pigment implanted is not at the correct level. This can create thicker and compact results with the intensity of pigment color and will have an impact on the micropigmentation healing process and desired result.
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When the body turns its attention to healing and rebuilding. Now, this is when your Micropigmentation will seem to disappear as cells that are capable of forming a skin and other tissue gather at the Micropigmentation site and begin to produce collagen and reform the outer layer of skin.

As the skin heals, it is completely normal for MICROPIGMENTATION to have some light scabbing. At this point it time, this means that your Micropigmentation is healing. After leaving the shell naturally, the rest of the pigment that the body could not expel reappears with a softer color than, at the beginning of the process. Some places may take a little longer to show the color.

This is why any Micropigmentation treatment can’t be achieved in one single session and the implantation of pigment can impact your micropigmentation healing process and desired result. Tap to watch
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At Unyozi Beauty – Permanent Makeup & Scalp Micro. We use the latest techniques in Micropigmentation. Each treatment is tailored to your exact skin color and type. For a complimentary consultation contact us to toronto@unyozi.ca or if you have any questions call the clinic 416-366-4794


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