Scalp Micropigmentation Correction at Unyozi Beauty

Scalp Micropigmentation correction to fix your SMP that was performed by an inexperienced technician to help fade the pigment or eliminate it completely from the skin. Unfortunately, at times Scalp Micropigmentation needs to be corrected and removed due to substandard results from previous technicians. Tap to watch “SMP fixed by Shirley Marin”

If you are not happy with the way your Scalp Micropigmentation looks, what can you do? If you have had SMP ( Scalp Micropigmentation) done elsewhere and you are unhappy with the results, a highly skilled artist, either Shirley herself or one of her elite team members may be able to use a special product to help fade the pigment from the skin. We use a combination of techniques in order to correct the pigment. If you would like to correct or camouflage the previous treatment, this can be a great alternative ONLY for minimal corrections. Otherwise, we highly recommend getting laser removal as the best option to remove the scalp tattoo. Read more about ” Why Hair Tattoo goes wrong”

The reality! There are a lot of ways Scalp MicroPigmentation can go wrong if you select the wrong provider.

Why SMP turned wrong?
There are a lot of ways why SMP -Hair Tattoo can go wrong. The most important part of SMP is choosing your provider properly. When Scalp Micropigmentation is performed incorrectly either by applying inconsistent pressure, incorrect impression size (Blowouts of one or multiple solid dots), incorrect pigment colour selection, lack of experience and poorly trained technicians. All of these can lead to poor quality results. Read more “SMP changed Anthony’s life”

Why use a laser to remove failed Scalp Micropigmentation?
In order to correct your existing SMP done somewhere else, we need to eliminate the pigment because we can not work on skin with blowouts.

At Unyozi Beauty, we want to do things right and quality means doing it right from the beginning, so this means removing the existing pigment to start a new SMP treatment. We understand that when you first had the idea of getting Scalp Micropigmentation, you probably never thought you would be looking to remove it one day. Please be diligent in your research and who you choose to work on your scalp. Don’t forget this is cosmetic tattooing.

How many SMP removal sessions do you require?
The number of sessions required for removal treatment can increase or decrease depending on the scalp tattoo complexity to be corrected such as an uneven or unflattering shape, incorrect pigment colour or if the pigment is saturated. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions it will take to break down the ink particles. The client in the picture above required 3 SMP Laser Removal sessions spaced 8 weeks between each session. Tap to watch “SMP fixed after went wrong”

Will the SMP tattoo be completely removed?
Not all tattoos are alike, they vary in the type of ink used, colours, and depth of application. Black and red inks are generally the easiest to remove, blues and greens are moderate, while light colours such as yellow tend to be the hardest. Our technicians, either Shirley herself or one of her elite team members will be able to tell you what type of results you can expect.

In many cases we are able to correct cosmetic tattooing mistakes, so do not hesitate to contact us for Permanent Makeup or Scalp Micropigmentation advice and corrective treatments whenever possible. Please get in touch and book a free consultation to assess the treatment that suits you best. If we feel we cannot meet a client’s expectations we will always advise this to avoid any disappointment. Feel free to contact us at or if you have any questions call the clinic directly 416.366.4794


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