We always want to satisfy the customer’s wishes and help them at every stage from the communication through to the advising stage regarding the best choice for their treatments. The extra mile we go is something that comes natural to us since being in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. Unyozi Beauty reserves the right to refuse any Micropigmentation procedure to anyone who is deemed not suitable for Cosmetic Tattooing or for any other reason.

clinic terms & conditions

We ask that you consider our policies not as restrictions but as indispensable rules, which allow us to provide high standards of service where our professionals can focus on your needs. This statement explains the policy in respect to the clinic policy and procedure when you visit the clinic. 

Our goal during the consultation is to listen to your concerns and find out exactly what you hope to accomplish with Micropigmentation. As a courtesy, consultations for cosmetic tattooing treatments are complimentary. However, the service time provided is valuable therefore, consultations cannot exceed 10 to 15 minutes maximum. 

To secure an appointment with us, a deposit is required for all our treatments upon booking. The deposit serves to reserve a time slot in our calendar and will be used towards your treatment. By booking and paying for your treatments, you accept our terms and conditions, waiver and cancellation policies. Please ensure you have read them in detail before you book.

  • Permanent Makeup Deposit $250 +tax
  • Medical Pigmentation Deposit $400+tax
  • Scalp Pigmentation Deposit $500+tax
  • Touch-up Treatment $150

We recommend that you schedule future appointments in advance to ensure your preferred time is available. Appointment request on our website will be held only for couple hours. If deposit is not received the booking will be cancelled without notice. As soon as the payment is received, we will confirm the appointment and the remaining balance will be required  to be paid in full on the first appointment.


We mean it! Due to the nature of the products and equipment used, children should not be present at the time of the any procedure. Clients arriving with young children will be subject to a $150 fee to reschedule their appointment. Safety is a priority at our facility where procedure are performed.

Unyozi Beauty maintains a strict cancellation / no show policy. We recognize that everyone’s time is valuable therefore we greatly appreciate respect of our policy regarding cancellation notice. As a courtesy, automatic appointment reminders are sent out via email. It is ultimately your responsibility to remember and attend your appointment. 

  • For Permanent Makeup treatments, we require 3 business days notice for rescheduling or cancellation. 
  • For Medical and Scalp Pigmentation, we require 4 business days notice for rescheduling or cancellation. 

We do ask that you give us fair warning to reschedule or cancelling an appointment. If you do not reschedule/ cancel with the minimum time required, you will lose your deposit and any other future appointments will require a full payment of treatment to rebook with us again.

If you are cancelling outside of clinic operating hours, you may cancel by sending us an email to toronto@unyozi.ca or follow up by a telephone call during clinic operating hours. Emails or voice message left outside our operating hours or during public holidays will only be regarded as received the morning of the next business day.

If  you didn’t give any notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you will forfeit the deposit and a mandatory 100% payment charged for the treatment has to be made before any rebooking can be made. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

To ensure timely service to each of our clients, we may need to reduce or reschedule your appointment if you arrive more than 20 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. If you are late to the extent that we are unable to accommodate your appointment, you will be subject to the $125 late rescheduling fee. 

We aim to show up to date prices on our website but prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification. The prices reflected when you book your appointment will be the most up to date. All our prices are exclusive of taxes. 

We accept payment in the form of cash, credit or Debit card  (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). 

If the client gives the required amount of time for cancellation and cannot proceed with the treatment for any reason, the deposit can be used as a credit towards any service for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. This credit can also be transferred as a gift to a friend or family member. Unless stated otherwise, of the credit after 1 year is not used, the credit will expire from the date of issue. For example, a deposit issued on December 20, 2021 will expire on December 20, 2022. After this expire Unyozi Beauty will donate the deposit to a charity of choice. 

If at any time, you go to another technician after Shirley has done your original procedure, Shirley can no longer perform any future touch-ups. If you have had prior Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation treatments done elsewhere and require corrective work you will need to inform Shirley prior to booking a treatment with us. It will be up to Shirley as to whether or not a procedure will be possible. Clients that have had Micropigmentation performed by another technician will be charged the full price for the first visit with Shirley regardless of the procedure. 

Once the free follow-up procedure is completed, any further work constitutes a new procedure and is charged accordingly.

All first time Permanent Makeup or Medical Micropigmentation treatments are based across 2 to 4 sessions may be necessary to achieve and complete most Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures depending on treatment selected and each persons skin. It is recommended in some cases to have a final follow up appointment within 4-6 weeks of the last touch-up session.  If you decide to not return for your touch-up appointment or final follow up appointment, you will still be held liable for the full treatment cost without exception. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you stick to this very generous timeframe and that your appointment is booked accordingly. Any appointment booked outside of this period mention above will incur an extra charge.

covid 19 clinic policies

At Unyozi Beauty, we are committed to providing you a safe and relaxing treatment. All clients must acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and the variants of COVID-19. At Unyozi Beauty, we have taken additional measures and put in place preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus. All our staff who are currently working have been vaccinated, so we are able to operate as normal with the support of all vaccinated staff. Therefore, we require a proof of vaccination ahead of the treatment with us. 

At Unyozi Beauty, we remain committed to supporting all our clients and team members throughout these ever-changing times. 

Due to the nature of the types of services we provide, Unyozi Beauty will require a proof of vaccination or in the event of a medical exemption, a Negative COVID-19 test is required before the treatment with us. You acknowledge that you must comply with all procedures to reduce the spread while attending your appointment.

  • At arrival of appointment, present your proof of vaccination. You are expected to wash hands right after entering the clinic. Please be mindful of unnecessary touching. 
  • Of course, if clients wake up feeling sick, please Email us immediately, and we will take care of your appointment. Keeping yourself healthy is the most important thing. 
  • We’ve carefully scheduled our days to space out our clients and make time for through cleaning and sanitizing. Please plan on arriving no more than 10 minutes before your appointment. 

The health and safety of our staff and customer reaming our top priority and we are constantly working hard to make sure that we minimize risks related to the spread of COVID-19 to ensure our clients and staff are worry-free. Also we cannot guarantee that you will not become infected in our facilities. The risk of being exposed to and/ or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions or negligence of myself or others, including, but not limited to, clinic staff, and other clinic clients and their families. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

In the unlikely event that a clinic has had to temporarily close due to a COVID-related matter, you will be notified immediately. Your appointment will be automatically cancelled and you can reschedule without charge. In the event you need to reschedule due to sickness or being affected by COVID-19, we will pause your treatment sessions and continue at another time with no additional expense for rescheduling.  

Rescheduling and appointment will be managed via email or calling directly to the clinic. 


Patch tests are necessary for some treatments (as well as completion of specific medical and consultation forms) so please book an appointment accordingly. It is your responsibility to inform us of anything which could have impact on your Micropigmentation treatment. The more information you provide, the more precisely we can tailor it to suit you.
-Eyebrow Pigmentation
-Eyelid Pigmentation
-Lips Pigmentation

A touch-up appointment is included in the price treatment if the session is booked within 6 weeks of completing your first treatment. Any touch-up appointment made after this time will be chargeable.

If cancellation notice is less than 48H, a $90 fee will be charged and must be paid in full before future bookings can be made. If no notice is given, a $200 fee will be charged or as you accepted lose your session. No rescheduling of touch up appointments will be made until the late fees are paid.
-Scalp Micropigmentation
-Areola Pigmentation
-Scar Camouflaging
-Vitiligo Re-pigmentation

2-3 touch-up sessions are included in the price treatment if the session is booked within 6 weeks of completing your first treatment. Any touch-up appointments made after this time will be chargeable.

If cancellation notice is less than 72H, a $200 fee will be charged and must be paid in full before future bookings can be made. If no notice is given, a $500 fee will be charged or as you accepted lose your session. No rescheduling of touch up appointments will be made until the late fees are paid.