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Step into Unyozi Beauty, where we specialize in the art of Scar Camouflage, transforming the visibility of scars and refining skin texture. Living with scars can take a toll on your emotional well-being, affecting self-esteem and confidence. Our Scar Pigmentation offers a revolutionary solution, effectively concealing and minimizing the appearance of scarring. Whether your scars stem from cuts, burns, or medical procedures, our advanced treatment can restore confidence by smoothing out irregular textures. 

Please note that our Scar Camouflaging Pigmentation is ideal for scars over 6 months, excluding keloid scars or keloid-prone skin. Let us guide you towards regaining confidence and embracing smoother, flawless skin at Unyozi Beauty. 

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Elevate your confidence with Scar Camouflage Pigmentation at Unyozi Beauty. Our specialized treatment offers a non-invasive solution for enhance the appearance of scars, providing customizable and safe results. Whether you’re seeking to conceal surgical scars or improve texture. Regain your confidence with Scar Camouflage at Unyozi Beauty. 

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Unyozi Beauty is your premier destination for Scar Pigmentation treatments. With our extensive experience and expertise, we consistently deliver outstanding results helping our clients embrace a renewed sense of self-assurance with our scar camouflage expertise. Count on us for the highest quality Scar Pigmentation treatments, backed by our clinic’s reputation for excellence. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards smoother, flawless-looking skin. 

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Welcome to Unyozi Beauty, where we specialize in Scar Pigmentation Camouflage. Scars, whether from surgery, injury, or other causes, can affect both skin textures and appearance. Our tailored Scar Camouflage Pigmentation treatment are meticulously designed to minimize the visible contrast between scarred and surrounding skin, resulting in a smoother and more natural complexion. With our expertise and personalized approach, we empower individuals to embrace their skin confidently. Say goodbye to visible scars and hello to renewed confidence with Scar Pigmentation Camouflage at Unyozi Beauty. 

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At Unyozi Beauty, we excel in Scar Pigmentation treatments, delivering natural and authentic results. Under the guidance of Shirley Marin, our Toronto clinic specializes in addressing scars with empathy and precision, leveraging over 15 years of experience. Discover the transformative effects of Scar Pigmentation at Unyozi Beauty.  

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This is a Medical Micropigmentation procedure that entails injecting pigment into the Cleft Lip to restore and give a balanced shape to your lips by recreating the cupids bow and achieving an illusion of asymmetrical shape.



Frequently Asked Questions

Scar Pigmentation offers more than just a solution for restoring skin color and texture, it also provides individuals with the opportunity to regain confidence and improve the appearance of affected areas.   

  • Individuals with stable scars
  • Individuals with realistic expectations 
  • Individuals in good overall health
  • Individuals with positive attitude 
  • Individuals who have consulted with dermatologist before seeking for pigmentation treatment.  

Before starting treatment, you and your Medical Micropigmentation Specialist will discuss what concerns you would like to address. Your Specialist will look at everything from your lifestyle, medical history, skin and plans for the future in order to determine if you are suitable for treatment at this time and what will be prioritized during treatment.

The duration of this Medical Tattooing Treatment typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the area to be treated. This includes the pre-drawing process before the session begins. However, the actual tattooing procedure typically takes between 45 minutes to one hour. 

We apply a topical numbing agent prior to the treatment. We frequently check in with you before and during the treatment to ensure any discomfort is being managed appropriately. The degree of tolerance varies from person to person, with heavy smoker in particular being a little extra sensitive.   

It’s Healing time can vary person to person, but typically, the healing process takes around 1 week. We recommend booking your touch-up appointment 6 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment. It’s normal to experience slight scabbing or skin flaking during this time. We will provide you with the after-care instructions to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal healing and results.  

Absolutely, you can go straight back to work if you would like. Typically, the area around the treatment area will be slightly red with a small amount of discomfort lasting a few hours. However, in most cases our clients area ready to go back to work the same day.  

All Medical Micropigmentation treatments require multiple sessions for optimal results. It’s common for the pigment to soften and lighten after the initial session. Factors such as skin reaction, healing processes, aftercare, lifestyle, medications and metabolism can affect the outcome. A touch-up session, scheduled 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure, ensures colour retention and addresses any area that may need refinement. Please note that while we strive for exceptional results, individual healing times and session requirements vary. Proper aftercare is crucial for optimal outcomes.  

Candidates should understand that scar pigmentation offers and alternative solution aimed at minimizing the stark colour contrast between their skin tone and affected areas. While Scar Pigmentation may not fully restore skin colour, it can substantially diminish the contrast between affected and unaffected areas, leading to a more harmonious appearance.  

  • Accutane 
  • Triflusal
  • Clopidogrel
  • Triclopidine
  • Vorapaxar
  • Coumadin 
  • Dipydamole

When considering Scar Pigmentation, it’s crucial to seek out a highly skilled specialist. It’s worth noting that many Medical Professionals who perform Scar Pigmentation lack prior experience in Medical Tattooing. Individuals with Scars deserve excellence, especially after facing significant challenges. 

At Unyozi Beauty, we pride ourselves on our qualifications and extensive experience in Medical Tattooing. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and results to our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible outcome. 

Pricing - Scars

Pricing for Scar Pigmentation is tailored to each client’s unique needs and treatment preferences. To ensure accuracy, we offer a complimentary consultation where we discuss your goals and provide a personalized estimate. Upon booking your treatment after the consultation, a deposit is required to secure your appointment. If you’ve had previous Micropigmentation elsewhere, please emails us a photo of your existing treatment for confirmation before scheduling your appointment.