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Shirley Marin

Shirley Marin is a skilled Micropigmentation Specialist and owner of Unyozi Beauty, who started her career in the beauty industry as a Hairstylist when she was 14 years old. Shirley has years of experience and intensive training from all around the world. Her experience revolved around the hairstyling industry for over 17 years. However, Shirley became involved in Micropigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing after moving to Canada in 2014. Seeing the amazing transformation and the positive impact of Micropigmentation has a people’s lives, that motivated Shirley to immediately begin training with the most well-known experts in Cosmetic Tattooing – Scalp Micropigmentation, and she is now fully committed since opening her clinic in Downtown Toronto.


SINCE 2016


Shirley has travelled around the world and studies with dozens of experts to hone her skills  in all area of Micropigmentation. Having originally completed PMU and medical micropigmentation apprenticeships in Brazil, Spain, and Canada, and later  seeking further training in England and Vietnam, she has learned from well respected names in the industry, including the likes of Stephanie Tons, Jennifer Pham, and Debbie Clifford. These mentors elevated her skills in lip blushing, eyebrows, and general Permanent Makeup respectively. 

In Medical Micropigmentation, Shirley sought out Kelly Forshaw, a pioneer of Areola Restoration, and learned everything she could about Medical Tattooing. 


Who did Shirley train for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Shirley completed the bulk of her SMP training in the US, studying first under Matthew Lulo from Scalp Micro USA, and returning two later to progress her skills under experts artist Jonathan Gerow from New York. Still searching for more SMP knowledge, she ventured to England, this time to learn from Simon Lane and Paul Clark. These rigorous training experiences has made Shirley an expert in SMP treatments for Alopecia, Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage, building density, and advances hairline techniques, especially broken and naturally faded hairlines. 


Since I moved from Europe to Canada I realized that balancing work and personal life is very important. Also I enjoy doing other things aside from my work. I’ve noticed that I thrive best in my treatments when I have time off for myself. I enjoy and connect more with my clients. I don’t like to rush my treatments. I like to take my time with each of client as it is very important for you but also for me.

Getting a Cosmetic Tattooing Treatment is much more than just making your daily beauty routine easier. As a Micropigmentation Specialist, it is very important to me to get to know you and your expectations with my treatments. Each treatment is unique and varies on the amount of sessions before it is completed. For this reason, I only accept a certain number of clients on a daily basis to ensure my clients receive the best service possible with my full attention.  Permanent Makeup can be completed within 2 sessions and Medical Micropigmentation can take between 3 to 5 sessions all depending on complexity of the treatment. 

If you read my client’s review in Google, they said I’m very passionate about what I do and take a lot of pride in my work – which I strive for. Most of the time during the initial consultation, if I don’t feel the treatment is for you I will say it openly. It is important for me to know that whichever treatment I perform will enhance your features and most importantly help you achieve what you are looking for. 

Helping my client boost their confidence on daily basis is one of the most rewarding feelings. Each client has a unique story and needs and I get to make every person that visits my clinic feel tremendous about themselves helping them accomplish their goals. 

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