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Shirley’s career in the beauty industry began interestingly when she was 14 years old when took a Cosmetologist course in Lima-Peru. She worked in the most high-end hair salons in Lima. After a few years of working and assisting many renowned Hair Stylist, Shirley moved to Spain to continue her training and it didn’t take her long before deciding to open and operate her own successful hair salon in Barcelona, Unyozi SalonIn one of the interviews Shirley did with BeautyMarket, a well-known magazine in Spain, Shirley was just 23 years old when she opened her hair salon. Despite her youth, she has extensive experience in different countries where she has perfected her techniques as a Master Hairstylist.

“To be a good Hairstylist you have to ask yourself if you like your job”

- Shirley Marin


IN 2016


Awarded Finalist Permanent Makeup Specialist of the year in 2018 – 2019


Shirley’s Cosmetic Tattooing career began in 2016. She is a talented technician and Micropigmentation specialist. She pours her passion into each and every client she works with and each is unique to her. Shirley became involved in Micropigmentation after moving to Canada in 2014. Seeing the amazing transformation and the positive impacts of Micropigmentation has on people’s lives, that motivated Shirley to immediately begin training with well-known experts in Cosmetic Tattooing – Micropigmentation. It is when Shirley Marin opened up her Micropigmentation Clinic in Downtown Toronto. 

Shirley found her true passion for Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation. She committed to being a Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist full time and she has not turned back since. 


Shirley was Nominated for the best permanent makeup specialist of toronto in 2018 and of ontario in 2019 in the hair & beauty awards.


Shirley completed her apprenticeship in Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation in Brazil, Spain and Canada, which is how she kept up to date on the latest trends in cosmetic tattooing. She travelled to England to improve and perfect her techniques previously acquired. She completed her Advanced Master Certification Program in Permanent Makeup with Debbie Clifford, a reputable Micropigmentation Expert, who worked closely with Shirley perfecting her skills in Permanent Makeup.

For Medical Micropigmentation, Shirley went to Haywards Heath-UK to spent time with Kelly Forshaw, a widely respected artist, to complete a master class in Areola Pigmentation and Scars Camouflaging refining her techniques for all aspects of Medical Tattooing. When it came to Scalp Micropigmentation, Shirley trained with reputable SMP artists in the United States like Matthew Lulo from Scalp-Micro USA who was her first SMP trainer. She learnt SMP skills such as camouflaging scars from hair transplant, alopecia, adding density and hairlines. Two years later, Shirley went back to New York to spend time with the renowned SMP experts, Jonathan Gerow and Erik Roberto, to complete a masterclass program elevating Shirley’s skills on advanced techniques in Scalp Micropigmentation.

“Cosmetic Tattooing to me is one of the most rewarding treatments I have done. It can transform a person’s life. I get to make every person that visits my clinic feel tremendous about themselves. I genuinely love meeting new people and everyone has a unique story, which requires a different look and I get to help them accomplish it.”

- Shirley Marin

look as good as you feel!

natural enhancement with permanent makeup

look as good as you feel!

natural enhancement with permanent makeup

Shirley continued in her pursuit in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and continuously researched new techniques to become the best in her craft to create the most realistic looking hairlines. Shirley traveled to England again to train with SMP experts, Simon Lane and Paul Clark, to further harness her skills on Natural Faded Hairlines.

She also went to Northampton- England to complete a Master Class in Lip Blushing with Stefanie Tons, a reputable PMU Artist. To perfect Shirley’s skills on Eyebrow Permanent Makeup, she travelled to Vietnam to completed a Nano Brow Master with the International PMU –Jennifer Pham. Shirley is passionate and is meticulous when it comes to creating the look you want and moreover possess a unique approach gained from training internationally. Her hairstylist background has empowered her career in Micropigmentation.


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