Scalp Micropigmentation


Get trained by the most reputable SMP ARTIST IN DUBAI AND canada

Unyozi Beauty now in Canada and Dubai, Shirley Marin offers 3- and 4 days intensive course for Scalp Micropigmentation, with both hands-on and online training. Start a new career as Scalp Micropigmentation Artist and learn Shirley’s techniques from Shirley, a well-respected and leading SMP Artist, now operating worldwide.

All the knowledge and skills she has acquired over the years have helped her develop her own unique style, gained by training internationally. After you’ve completed your training, you will received ongoing mentoring to ensure your long-term success. 


3 - 4 Days Training

Learn the most effective Permanent Hair Enhancement that will help your clients’ mask their hair loss. 

SMP is the hottest new hair loss solution on the market. Get ahead in one of the most profitable fields.

Hands-on training with expert guidance in our all training sessions ensures you’re set for success.



3 - 4 days SMP fundamentals


Intensive Practice


Hands-on SMP practice

Our Training Structure

Shadowing and Mentoring

Previous SMP experience & proof of previous training required to take this course

Unyozi Beauty offers SMP training in Canada and Dubai. Our training doesn’t include machine. Student must bring their own SMP machine or can place their orders with us too. In our Master advanced training, we also provide 6 months of post-training support. 

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We have 7+ years experience in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Shirley is a respected industry professional with a lot of experience not only in SMP but also in Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation. She is also generous in helping and communicating her craft to anyone with the same passion.  Shirley will guide you from beginning to end, ensuring that you are in a good path to start your career as SMP artist so you can perform at the highest level.  

It is important to learn a new career properly, which is it why we created a 4 days beginner training for those who want cover all the aspect of SMP. The additional day allows you to train in density and learn conceal scars from hair transplant. You have the option to choose based on Shirley’s assessment during your SMP course. Your will receive 2 certificates. 

3 days course is an intensive training that cover every aspect of Scalp Micropigmentation. We give you all the step and hand on skills to start a new career as an SMP technician. You will receive 1 certificate completing the course. 

We also offer mentoring training for SMP artist with a minimum experience of 6 month. 

SMP fundamental, theory, health/safety/hygiene, consultations, colour theory, hairline design, overview, practical work on live models, demonstrations, on going support. Our Master advanced training also provides 6 months of post-training support and 6 hours at the clinic with Shirley to have an in depth look on the day to day working in the clinic with clients to ensure you boost your confidence as a SMP artist. 


This course includes SMP kit. However does not include a machine. Students MUST bring their own SMP machines or can purchase the machine Shirley’s use. This needs to be reserve when booking the training. 

This course will highly increase your profitability with a trusted treatment value. This will allow clients to return every 12-18 months for their touch ups and SMP work to be carried out and maintained. Happy clients are a walking advertisement for your services so this will automatically bring in continuous business!

This course provides the opportunity for an extremely rewarding career choice. Not only there is potential for high and consistent income, it is also a gratifying feeling to be able to help various clients enhance their natural beauty. People who chose to have permanent cosmetic treatments may be sports people, cancer patients about to undergo treatment or after treatment, clients suffering from hair loss, or just those wishing to give their look a little extra without the need for conventional make up.

  • SMP Started Kit 
  • SMP fundamentals 
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Practice on Fake Skin and Melon
  • Skin Problems and Hair Loss Treatments 
  • 1 Certification 


  • SMP started kit
  • SMP fundamentales 
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Practice on Fake Skin and Melon
  • Skin Problems and Hair Loss Treatments 
  • 2 certifications

  • Post Course Completion – 6 hours additional with Shirley at her clinic or your establishment to have an inside look on the day-to-day operation of the clinic.