MEDICAL Micropigmentation

Paramedical Micropigmentation is a branch of Cosmetic Tattooing that offers amazing results for people looking for a variety of solutions ranging from Scalp and Hair Loss Solutions, to Scars Camouflaging, Vitiligo Pigmentation and Areola Pigmentation to revive anyone’s confidence. Medical Micropigmentation is adding colour to the face and body, anywhere that colour is missing from injury, post surgery or trauma. In order to achieve successful results, these procedures require a minimum of three sessions and occasionally 4 sessions in some cases for optimal results. 

Shirley is a certified Micropigmentation and Permanent Makeup Master who has trained all over the world. Since founding her clinic, she has helped thousands of clients in Canada to regain their confidence with her skills. Shirley speaks English and Spanish and is happy to use whichever makes you more comfortable. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Shirley has helped more than 5000 patients, Men and Women regain their confidence through Scalp Micropigmentation. The effects of SMP procedure can easily last years, and a touch up is recommend every 2 years  to maintain  the colour looking fresh. No matter what stage of Hair Loss you are experiencing. We are here to help you personalized a solution for you. 

Areola Enhacement

Areola Pigmentation can help anyone who is interested in regain and enhance the colour of the areola or nipple area. Areola Pigmentation is also design for clients who have experienced breast cancer, mastectomy, breast reduction, uplift surgery or those who have had breast reconstruction surgery. 

Vitiligo Pigmentation

Vitiligo Pigmentation treatment is designed to help conceal the high contrast between skin by placing organic pigment into the affected area and blending it to help improve the difference in pigmentation. This Pigmentation treatment aims to camouflage  the vitiligo patches. 

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage pigmentation can help conceal any kind of scars from accident or plastic surgery within the body. Scars don’t have to last forever. This treatment helps conceal and diminish the appearance and irregular texture of scarring. 


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