Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss & Alopecia by Unyozi Beauty

When your hairline starts to recede and you have tried as went through all the treatments can exist to prevent hair loss, but nothing stops the problem. Experiencing hair loss can be frustrated and can make you feel anxiety, self- consciousness, and affect your self-confidence. For some, hair loss can be caused by medical conditions, autoimmune disorder, specific medication or simply genetic. Hair loss is a condition popularly known as androgenic alopecia or baldness pattern, diffuse thinning. 

The ideal way to enhance your hairline, disguise thinning hair, or restore the appearance of hair on the scalp is through Scalp Micropigmentation. Using specialist techniques and carefully blended pigments, Shirley can simulate micro hair follicle replication into your existing hair or create hairline from scratch to give you a natural look that mimics real hair growth.
Who can benefit of SMP-Hairline Rejuvenation ?
Scalp Micro can treat hair loss due to pattern baldness, alopecia, illness or injury.This technique is also effective at disguising scars from hair transplant surgery. Read more " Scalp Micropigmentation for women" 

Is this  procedure only for men ? 
SMP is suitable for both men or women, scalp micropimentation can be blended into your existing hair to provide the illusion of healthy, natural hair.
Although hair baldness problem is more common in men than women. We know people who began having the problem of receding hairline at 20 or at the age of 19 years old sometimes. In fact, some people begin experiencing their hair will begin thinning as and as they grow, it will start receding.
If you are losing hair and you already tried every treatment and nothing work. Do you really want a lifetime to stop worrying spending money for treatments with no results? If you want a treatment that help you achieve an instant and immediately result SMP Hair Restoration the ultimate modern solution for male pattern hair loss. 

Why this procedure would be for me?
The best part of the SMP Micro procedure is that you can really have whatever desired outcome you wish and anything you want can be achieved! While there is a hope for men suffering hair-loss. It can also be used to camouflage transplant scars or to shade small areas where hair is thinning to make hair appear denser too. It’s also good for men who suffer from alopecia.Does it hurt? 
It hurts less than having a regular tattoo, and certainly a lot less than a hair transplant. If it is necessary at Unyozi Beauty, we are able to numb to scalp, although the majority of men are brave to manage without.
How much does is cost?
Prices vary depending on the practitioner and how much of the scalp needs to be treated. Read more about " HAIR RESTORATION SOLUTIONS"

At  Unyozi Beauty-Permanent Makeup & Scalp Micro , we use the latest techniques in Scalp Micropigmentation to ensure you receive a consistent appearance across the head and completely flawless results. For complimentary consultation, please contact us at or if you have any questions call the clinic 416.366.4794