Best Eyebrow Microblading & Nanopigmentation in Toronto

There are two techniques that are used at Unyozi Beauty in Toronto; traditional Semi-Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows call Nanopigmentation and Microblading. Let’s face it, all women want to look good, feel amazing, look beautiful, and take as little time as possible to do this. Don’t you agree? Unyozi Beauty can subtly enhance your eyebrows, or give you brows that are entirely new.There are so many beauty products and methods out there for beautifying in the best way possible. We just want to look beautiful and having the perfect eyebrow is one the hardest things to achieve and finding the right artist is VERY important too, because what you don’t want, is someone not skilled enough in the right ways. Read more about "Correcting my Eyebrow Microbladed" 

It could lead to potentially harming you and your health giving consequences in further years if the procedure is done inappropriate. Read more about  "Best Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Makeup”

 What we can do for your Eyebrows!

  • Improve the Brow shaping like width and length
  • Improve Spare Brows
  • Modify the inner/ outer arch
  • Improve the brow’s ending point
  • Hair Brow loss problems
  • Shape & Color Correction old Tattoo

Eyebrow Microblading or Nano Pigmentation? 
Both methods are under the umbrella of Permanent Makeup and the difference between these methods is that Eyebrow Microblading uses mini micro blades that are inserted to a hand tool. Whereas Eyebrow Nano-Pigmentation uses mini Nano needles that are inserted into a hand digital machine.

Eyebrow  Semi-Permanent Unyozi Beauty specialized are:
Feathering / Hair strokes :
This technique is injecting pigment using either Microblading or Nano-Pigmentation individual hairs to bulk up the natural brows to correct just a few failures using individual strokes and create the desire brow shape giving a realistic eyebrow looking. Both methods mimic the brow hair to give a no-makeup look and you can still have the option to pencil your eyebrows in if you would like to have a dramatic makeup look.

Powder  & Shading Eyebrows
This method is a combination of two techniques hair stroke and shading the entire eyebrow shape to add a little depth, creating definition giving a natural effect where the eyebrow is contoured with the pigment, creating a shading ombre effect over the eyebrow giving the most natural look. It's indicated for those, who have more than few failures.

Embroidery 2D,3D, 4D effect  
This technique is indicated for those who have few or many faults and want an extremely natural result imitating your hair growth into fine lines and filling the gaps this defining a 2D, 3D and 4D creating definition to give you a fuller and thicker look. It's indicated for those, who have few failures and 70% existing eyebrow hair present.

Eyebrow Tattoo Correction
This technique is indicated to correct another artist’s brow work or old tattoo fade off with years and needs an extra color correction. This is not easy job because the results can be much less predictable depending the correction complexity as mask discoloration and blurring.Does this procedure hurt? 
At Unyozi Beauty, we use our anesthetic together with a laser that has high effect and to alleviate any sensation or discomfort before and during the procedure. This procedure should not hurt and pain tolerance varies from person to person specially for frequent smoker may be a little more sensitive. 

At Unyozi Beauty - Permanent Makeup & Scalp Micro. We use the latest techniques in Micropigmentation. Each treatment is tailored to your exact skin color and type. For complimentary consultation email us or if you have any questions call the clinic 416-366-4794