Define and bring out your eyes with our eyeliner and lash enhancement which will give you the look you want with none of the effort. It can highlight their colour, create the illusion of larger eyes and thicker lashes, or even create the illusion of lashes.



At Unyozi Beauty we do our best to help you maintain healthy and radiant skin by offering customized facial treatment for all skin types. Our facials offer clinic grade treatments at a fraction of the cost starting of 40, 60 and 80 minutes facial are designed to specifically target and treat your main skincare concerns using a variety of Machines.

Choose from a no-nonsense facial, a simple deep cleaning or gentle peel or for more advanced treatment, using our favorite Korean, European, Brazilian and Canadian products. Your skin care specialist will help you select the treatment that’s right for your skin type and perform a complimentary hand massage during your treatment.

After your treatment, move on to our patio and enjoy a
non-alcoholic and hydrating beverage!

Our most popular Facials are “Micro-needling facial and Deep Cleaning”


The Signature Deep Pore Cleansing Facial [ 50 min ]

A tailored facial for the perfect and fresh healthy look, this signature treatment kicks off with a deep pore cleansing with the ultrasonic skin scrubber, cleaning dead skin cells and dirt effectively. Finally, a pore smoothing mask to decongest the skin. “You will head out feeling luminous and revitalized, basically having a fresh healthy skin” Skin type: All skin types Concerns: Congestion, Dehydration, Acne

Anti-Aging & High Frequency Facial [ 50 min ]

Reveal your most youthful skin yet with this age defying high frequency facial. A light exfoliation renews the skin, followed by a full session of our muscle-stimulating technology to visibly lift the brow, cheek and jawline with high-frequency waves. The vitamin-C enriched boost promotes blood circulation and product absorption. A must has for achieving smooth, supple, ageless skin. Finally, a SPF is applied to the skin for smoother finish and protection. “Reveal your most youthful skin yet feeling firmer, brighter with Vitamin C” Skin type: All skin types Concerns: Elasticity, Wrinkles, Dullness, Dehydration, Acne

Micro-Needling Medical Skin Rejuvenation [ 80 min ]

Beautiful and glowing skin with this Medical Micro-Needling treatment that offers a dramatic skin rejuvenation. This treatment triggers your skin’s natural ability to create new collagen and elastin to improve surgical, traumatic burn and acne scars. Additionally, this treatment treats a variety of other skin conditions to help skin look younger, healthier and more vibrant. “Rejuvenate and get a more youthful looking skin with Micro-needling” Skin type: All skin types, except very sensitive skin Concerns: Skin texture, Fine lines, Acne scarring, Stretch marks.